Our Dough Story

Now, who doesn’t enjoy a slice of a flaming hot pizza with an assortment of your favorite
toppings and sauce, and covered with cheese?

I would love to feast on one of those on a lazy weekend afternoon.

And why just afternoons? Why can’t I have my pizza just anytime I want?

The only answer was to make our own pizza.

And while the neighborhood ‘kiraana’ could provide all the ingredients, I couldn’t get past the wife’s rolling eyes.

The only response from the wife and kids was - “Mazaa nahin aaya.”

It was this thought that Pizza Experience was born out of – A DIY Pizza kit home delivered with all the ingredients, popped into a preheated oven and Voila! you can feed all the hungry mouths.

How to make your own Pizza

After you receive the Pizza Experience DIY kit


Meet the Founder

Self-directed and driven with comprehensive accomplishments across many domains in hospitality, Vikram has more than three decades of experience in leadership and entrepreneurial roles.

Known as an innovative thinker with an acumen for customer service, Vikram has demonstrated what it takes to start and manage a successful hospitality business in the last 10 years. Persistent in his entrepreneurial vision, Vikram’s hospitality venture operates residential clubs, and other food and beverage operations which collaborates with brands like Reliance and Lumax.

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